Top 10 Robotics Solution Providers 2017

Top 10 Robotics Solution Providers 2017

As robots are steadily inching close to take over the human world through their automated dexterity and intelligence, it is evident that robotics has evolved far from being electronic beings in sci-fi movies. Speaking of current times, industrial robots are already at work to transform the manufacturing landscape. The introduction of collaborative robots has opened the door to a more advanced human-robot interface that is fast replacing traditional robots with a combination of human and co-bots to aid humans in procuring optimum flexibility. With the integration of machine learning into this field, even small-scale companies are now espousing robotics to keep up with and adapt to the fast-changing requirements of customers.

Manufacturers are hinging on robotics technology to substitute human workers with robots through botsourcing. Robots are being employed to perform a whole range of applications, from material handling to processing operations as well as inspection. Arc welding, machine loading and spray painting are some of the most common tasks of industrial robots in present times. In addition, cloud robotics is harnessed to free robots from computing restraints while facilitating them with sufficient brains to tackle any number of challenges. Developments in big data are also being favored by the robotics community so as to manage the limitless data generated by sensor-oriented robots. As companies look for actionable ways to integrate robotics and automation into their operations, robots are turning into a key imperative in the scenario of global manufacturing competitiveness. The market today abounds in numerous players of the robotics arena, making it difficult for enterprises to zero down the ideal partner to avail the best solutions.

To help CIOs navigate this flourishing domain, Manufacturing Technology Insights’ distinguished panel of selectors, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board have enlisted the leading manufacturing robotics solution providers that are at the forefront imparting cutting-edge solutions that meet the vital needs of the industry. The listing offers a look into how these solutions are put to use, thereby enabling you to gain a comprehensive knowledge as to how they will optimize businesses.

We present to you Manufacturing Tech Insight’s Top 10 Robotics Solution Providers 2017.

    Top Startups

  • Manages internal logistics using an autonomous mobile robot, delivering and transporting materials for manufacturing environments

  • Provides robotics software specialized in the control, simulation, and sensing of complex robotic systems

  • Developer of industrial robots, plant manufacturing and system technology

  • All-in-one universal robotic inspection software

  • Develops collaborative manufacturing robots which are smart, adaptable, and safe to work with

  • EZ Robot

    EZ Robot

    Developer of the world’s easiest, most powerful and creative robots that can perform the most difficult and tedious work

  • ADLINK Technology

    ADLINK Technology

    Supplier of a variety of building blocks and both generic and domain-specific IIoT platforms to serve the industrial automation

  • ARC Group Worldwide

    ARC Group Worldwide

    Provider of technology to improve automation in manufacturing through robotics, software, and process automation, as well as lean manufacturing

  • Kawasaki Robotics

    Kawasaki Robotics

    Developer of high quality, top-notch industrial robots catering customer needs for automation and labor-saving measures

  • Omron Adept Technologies

    Omron Adept Technologies

    Supplier of cost-effective robotics systems and services to high-growth markets and manufacturing industries