Top 10 Industrial Robotics Solution Providers - 2018
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Top 10 Industrial Robotics Solution Providers - 2018

Since its adoption in the manufacturing sector, robotics has proved to be highly useful for production firms, as this technology not only eliminates the manual manufacturing processes from the factories but also opens the doors to newer opportunities. Implementation of robotics has many major advantages. Using robotics, industries are able to drive processes faster — the processes, when done manually take much longer. Robotics empowers faster delivery of finished products and goods. Along with efficiency, quality also gets enhanced with the use of robotics. Production processes can be made increasingly accurate and error-free with robotics. Robotics make it possible to maintain the standard of products and deliver consistent quality in a compliant manner.

Robots are no longer limited to the shop floor, or the logistics departments of a factory as manufacturers have now begun to include them in the quality and technical planning areas as well. To cater to such requirements and growth in demands, the innovators in the field of robotics are developing machines that are capable of performing a complicated and wide range of tasks. At the convergence of various modern-day technologies, the robotics industry has found many solutions for a variety of sectors. The kind of variability that one can see in the capabilities of robotics today have come about with the integration in the development of separate channels of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. On the same lines, industrial robots have now been designed to undertake hazardous and repetitive processes such as welding, drilling, chemical mixing, packaging, and automated palletizing. By employing robots to carry out such tasks, manufacturers ensure high-quality finishing of the products with precision.

As a consequence of passing on hazardous and tedious tasks to robots, manufacturers are also able to improve safety standards at production facilities. Worker safety is a critical aspect, and satisfying regulatory compliance is simple when machines are employed to do all the potentially risky tasks. However, apart from these robots that can operate exclusively to carry out any function, collaborative robots or the cobots have entered the manufacturing market space to work alongside humans. This combination of machines and human labor enables factories’ workforce to devote its time to critical and crucial tasks that require rational reasoning, while robots execute other jobs requiring fewer skills. Thus, industrial productivity is significantly enhanced by incorporating the right combination of robotic technologies.

Additionally, robotics also empower industries to reduce operational costs by cutting down on manual labor costs. Although the initial investment towards developing capabilities for robotics might seem a lot, in the long term, most facilities are able to earn much better returns. There are numerous other robotic services that manufacturers opt for, in order to speed up the production processes and boost profits. In this edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of Manufacturing Technology Insights explores such promising industrial robotics services providers of 2018.

    Top Industrial Robotics Solution companies

  • FANUC America provides the perfect combination of CNCs, drives, I/O, and connectivity solutions for continuous and reliable performance. The company offers a full variety of industry-leading products and services for industrial robotics and factory automation.  Combining its solutions with decades of expertise and know-how can present with a one-stop-shop for all automation requirements. Besides, the team at FANUC America is dedicated to enhancing manufacturers' competitiveness by creating opportunities to help them maximize efficiency. Its team of automation professionals works in customer service, human resources, IT, logistics, operations, manufacturing, and product development, to name a few

  • Fletcher Group Automation is a one-stop solution for manufacturing plant and office systems automation design, engineering, commissioning, and support services. Since 2005, the company's experienced professional staff has been offering the best in automation engineering design, support, and service. Specialized in robotics systems from single stand-alone robot cells to complete plant assembly lines, the company is proficient in virtually every robot brand and model. It has expertise in consulting services to evaluate throughput, downtime prediction, and capacity increase. Fletcher Group Automation provides distinctive alternatives that prioritize the requirements of its clients while providing the industry's most competitive prices

  • ROI Industries is a full-service company specializing in new, refurbished, and quality pre-owned office furniture. The company sells cutting-edge equipment and makes sure that every solution made is right for the businesses. ROI Industries is committed to providing each customer with a quality product at a competitive price, delivered on schedule, and backed by a superior level of personal service. The company has been piloting over a decade of experience working with robotic engineering equipment providing high-quality technology. It streamlines productivity and maintains high safety standards, all while keeping operating costs affordable

  • Energid Technologies

    Energid Technologies

    Energid Technologies is an engineering organization providing robotics machine vision and remote control software. The company also offers software, products, and support to solve the most challenging robotics problems. Energid's robotics software controls and simulates kinematics and dynamics for all kinds of robotics applications. Its 3D machine vision software supports autonomy. It provides the industry's premier commercial Software Development Kit (SDK) and tasking framework that supports real-time, adaptive motion control. Energid Technologies spans its services in the fields of medicine, defense, agriculture, space-based systems, and manufacturing

  • Humatics


    Humatics is a micro-location system and analytics software provider comprising of a Spatial Intelligence Platform™ that will transform how people and machines navigate, locate, and collaborate. The company's pioneering micro-location technology is offering centimeter- and millimeter-scale positioning that is faster, more accurate, and budget-friendly than any existing 3D positioning or location tracking technology in the market. Humatics have a transparent view into a diverse range of applications including robotics, logistics, safety, material handling, and across the broad category of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) markets

  • Keba


    KEBA works on industry solutions to create sustainable competitive advantages for its customers. Today it is an internationally active company that produces its success from technological innovations, the highest quality requirements, and the dynamism of its employees. To offer complete optimized solutions, the company is focusing on robotics and can provide considerable advantages to its customers. In its business areas Industrial Automation, banking and service automation, and energy automation, KEBA works continuously on new developments and industry solutions intending to create lasting competitive benefits for their clients

  • OnRobot


    OnRobot offers a full line of plug-and-produce end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative applications. Its innovative grippers, sensors, and tool changers help manufacturers gain the full advantages of collaborative and lightweight industrial robots, including ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and safety alongside human workers. The company’s growth has been fueled by strategic partnership and acquisitions and innovative product developments. OnRobot combines grippers, sensors, and cobot equipment to enable the use of the technology in applications such as packaging, quality testing, material handling, machine tending, assembly, and welding

  • Pearson Packaging Systems

    Pearson Packaging Systems

    Pearson Packaging Systems focuses on the design, production, integration, and service of secondary packaging automation solutions. As a systems provider, the company offers a full line of configurable machinery to erect, pack, seal, and palletize top-loaded cartons, cases, and trays. Focused on minimizing the total cost of ownership, this provider is dedicated to a solution-driven partnership. For the past sixty years, a diverse set of high-volume manufacturers and distributors has relied on engineered systems and continuous service support. To consistently provide valid and reliable solutions, Pearson’s supply chain focuses on diversity, excellence, and safety

  • Robotiq


    Robotiq is on its mission to free human hands from repetitive tasks. Its collaborative robotic applications and tools can start production faster, and the company works with a global network of connected robot experts supporting their manufacturers. Its Lean robotics is a systematic way to complete the robotic cell deployment cycle, from design to integration and operation, which guides making robots work in a factory environment. Robotiq’s application package includes a script file for a specific application, a step-by-step procedure describing how to use the application itself, and a demonstration video



    SCOTT Technology Limited is a leading provider of automation and robotic solutions globally that improve productivity, reliability, yield, and safety for manufacturers and processors in industries including meat, food, mining, appliances, and general manufacturing. Its services include technical expertise in world-leading hardware, programming, systems integration, installation, consulting, fault-finding and 24-hour support. The company’s network comprises a highly specialized team of dedicated personnel serving industrial companies with expertise in a wide range of leading automation and robotics products. SCOTT is the best solution for those who are looking to improve competitive advantage, reduce production costs, improve product quality, and address workplace health and safety concerns in their work environment