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Industrial Robotics: the Pandemic and the Manufacturing Industry 2021

Top 10 Industrial Robotics Service Companies - 2021

Implementing industrial robots in a manufacturing setting isn’t as simple as buying the robot and plugging it in. There are many different financial and logistical considerations to take into account before a robot can productively automate anything. While industrial robots may serve a wide variety of purposes, the challenges manufacturers face when implementing them are relatively similar.

While robot hardware has become cheaper, the cost of the robot is a small fraction of the overall price tag of introducing automation to a manufacturing line. The study cited one large, well-known robotics integrator that said, “robots are now inexpensive, but integration is not.” And not only can the initial integration process be long, arduous, and expensive, even small changes to a manufacturing line often require bringing in an integrator to redesign and repurpose robot workcells to meet the specifications of new tasks.

The absence of standardization in many aspects of robotics made it difficult for some companies to exploit the full potential of promising technologies or to incorporate new types of robots into manufacturing lines. Some companies developed home-grown systems and capabilities over the years that they would prefer to continue to use. Others, often smaller companies, are designing manufacturing lines or purchasing new technologies from the ground up. Each type of robot might require knowledge of different programming languages, interfaces, or communication protocols for use. Standardization should cover all of these considerations, besides safety standards and hardware.

Extreme robustness, faster integration, and removal of technological bottlenecks related to sensing, perception, and gripping are critical to encouraging investment in and the mass adoption of automation. For example, the study said that while vision technologies are promising for ensuring the safety of robots and reducing quality check costs, they are still a long way from being optimal.

Understanding the common challenges that manufacturers experience when investing in robotics can help you prepare for the day when you invest in new robotic automation equipment. We present to you, “Top 10 Industrial Robotics Service Providers - 2021.”

    Top Industrial Robotics Service Companies

  • Rapid Robotics’ mission is to provide manufacturers a robotic solution that can be deployed against simple tasks in hours rather than weeks, and at a fraction of the cost of other automation solutions that require extensive manual programming. The company’s product is a fully integrated intelligent robotic arm work cell, the Rapid Machine Operator (RMO)that is trained to perform tasks out of the box, and learns new tasks via the company’s cloud infrastructure, AI, and computer vision. Rapid’s software provides customers with an intuitive interface that gives them the tools to deploy and redeploy Rapid’s automated work cells on their manufacturing lines without having to be a robotics expert

  • Chandler Automation

    Chandler Automation

    Chandler Automation is a manufacturer’s representative of data collection, processing, sizing, packaging, and robotic palletizing equipment for food processors that are concerned about quality, efficiency, and food safety. They help with a broad range of needs for food growers and processors. They assist, but are not limited to the tree nut and dried fruit industry. Their goal is to bring the latest technology to packaging and processing needs

  • Classic Design

    Classic Design

    Classic Design provides engineered solutions for manufacturing automation success. For over three decades, they have been a leading supplier of tool design and industrial automation solutions. Their talented staff of project managers and specialists adheres to a continuous improvement program to consistently satisfy customer expectations for on-time delivery and quality

  • CRG Automation

    CRG Automation

    CRG Automation stays true to their proven process to design, build and integrate packaging solutions to meet their customer’s needs. Their process outlines the steps they take to ensure each element of project is managed, each step of the way. CRG offers post installation service, operator and maintenance training for their customers

  • Hill Machinery

    Hill Machinery

    Hill Machinery Company’s mission is to be the premier supplier and manufacturer of specialty tooling and equipment in multiple markets. They will continue to satisfy their customers with superior quality, value, and service. The firm is creating a safe, productive, and rewarding work environment. They are delivering sustainable profitable growth built on pride, integrity, and respect

  • MH Engineered Solutions

    MH Engineered Solutions

    MH Engineered Solutions provides turn-key solutions beginning with solution design through project management, engineering, and installation. MH Engineered Solutions can help you identify which aspects of your manufacturing and distribution business could be improved to maximize productivity, achieve business goals, and improve bottom line performance

  • NRTC Automation

    NRTC Automation

    NRTC Automation helps manufacturers maneuver through the world of automation. NRTC Automation was founded over a decade ago with the goal of delivering high-value industrial automation and manufacturing solutions to all its customers. Their presence in Alabama and the Detroit/Canada/Windsor area allows them to provide widespread services in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. They are dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution for all your industrial automation needs

  • Rennco Automation Systems

    Rennco Automation Systems

    Rennco Automation Systems are your one-stop shop - leaders in industrial automation. They handle all phases of machine builds, from design concept to in-plant startup and support. They engineer your dreams into reality one blue print at a time, so you’ll be producing parts as fast as you need them. Come meet the professionals at Rennco Automation. Through their mastery in engineering and craftsmanship, they provide their clients with the most optimum machines available in the U.S

  • Steelial


    Steelial design and integration projects include some of the most sophisticated product manufacturing and packing systems in the snack, bakery, protein, food industry, delivering intelligent controls for fast integration, flexible configurations, and ease of operation to converge productivity and profitability. In today’s competitive and fast paced environment, it is more important than ever to make full use of all optimization opportunities over the entire life cycle of a production system

  • Uchimura Robotics

    Uchimura Robotics

    Uchimura Robotics is a supplier of collaborative robotic solutions for industrial, commercial, and educational applications. Their robots are engineered to work alongside your employees in a simple, efficient, and safe manner. Their robots are designed to meet the ISO 10218 collaborative standard and require minimal programming experience to implement. Uchimura Robotics distributes products and solutions which, through simplified implementation, improve the efficiency and safety of your operation