ROI Industries: Transforming Palletizing with Innovative Automation

ROI Industries: Transforming Palletizing with Innovative Automation

Kevin Saylor, President, ROI IndustriesKevin Saylor, President
Every era boasts a flagship product that pioneered innovation and revolutionized productivity. In the Industrial Revolution it was the cotton gin. In today’s age of industrial automation and robotic solutions, that product could be PalletPOD by ROI Industries Group, Inc.

PalletPOD has established a new product category: the mobile plug and play compact palletizer. Its patented utility and Class 3 enclosure safely eliminate manual lifting and stacking. With a proprietary side mounted gantry, PalletPOD achieves industry leading stacking-height-to-footprint ratio for pallet loads up to 9 ft. high. Its compact structure allows it to fit into an area smaller than a parking space with little or no impact on a facility layout. Equipped with leveling pads and wheels, PalletPOD does not require floor anchoring and can be easily repositioned manually.

The PalletPOD’s expanding range of innovations, including single and dual station palletizers, stretch-wrapping palletizers, and depalletizers, make it a multi-dimensional product line. Each machine has been thoughtfully engineered to maximize adaptability and minimize effort to deploy. Bolt-on productivity modules can be added to further increase utility. “Do you need a pallet dispenser with infeed and outfeed pallet conveyor? Or a tier sheet dispenser? Or other enhancements? Easy! These are all plug-in components that expand the PalletPOD’s capability,” explains ROI’s president Kevin Saylor.

In addition to its versatility, PalletPOD eliminates aleading source of workplace injuries and lost productivity finding qualified employees. Manual handling accounts for 40 percent of all reported injuries. Because of the inherent dangers of lifting, bending, reaching, and twisting, OSHA guidelines restrict the repetitive handling of items above 25 lbs.

Our goal was to make PalletPOD a superior alternative to the pain and perils inherent to manual palletizing

Combined with an aging workforce and the current and intensifying decline in the labor pool, companies requiring palletizing are struggling to find and keep qualified employees.“Employing a POD is a valuable strategy in the palletizing space that can’t be ignored. There’s no overtime, no absenteeism, no drug screening, a low cost of ownership, among other things.” says Saylor.

PalletPOD patents cover the design and use of various technologies, but the embedded technology is tried and true, removing risk for early adopters. The servo motors alone are rated for one million hours, which translates to 16 years of 24 x 7 x 365 operation. Compare the base unit price, under $100k—to the more than $600K otherwise outlaid for injury-prone labor over the lifetime of the machine, the POD pays for itself in one to three years. “Our goal was to make PalletPOD a superior alternative to the pain and perils inherent to manual palletizing,” says Saylor. “And unlike other options, the PalletPOD is ideal for financing or leasing.”

Until now, palletizing automation has been limited to a minority of high volume, well capitalized companies. Historically, installations required significant up-front engineering effort and long lead times. Today, ROI’s affordable technology is available to any company in any space. PalletPOD’s suitability can be proven via a production unit demonstration with the customer’s own packages, mitigating risk. It arrives pre-programmed, pre-configured, and pre-built for specific production lines, packages, and stacking patterns. “Rather than prepaying for a custom machine that needs to be tweaked repeatedly before being functional, the PalletPOD is simply rolled into position and is operational in hours—training included,” says Saylor.

From stacking pallets to making it simple, economical, and quick to bring automation on line, PalletPOD does all the heavy lifting. With innovation that is meaningful and accessible to small and large end users alike, ROI truly embodies the American ingenuity and durability of its revolutionary predecessors.